Xiris Releases Post Weld / Post Scarf Weld Inspection for Tube Mills

To meet fabricators’ requests to implement both a post-weld and post-scarf inspection on a single mill, Xiris Automation Inc. is pleased to announce that it has released a double head version of its WI2000 Weld Inspection system: one head can be placed immediately after the weld box to detect weld related issues and one head immediately after scarfing to detect scarf related issues, as illustrated in the figure below. 

By placing the inspection system right after the weld box, forming and weld related defects such as Mismatch, Bead Height (either too high or too low), weld Undercut, Freeze line (cold weld), profile Deflection and many other types of defects can be detected.  By placing the inspection system right after the scarfing process, problems that may arise from random height variations of the tube as it is feeding into the scarf cutting tools or from broken/dull scarf cutting tools that leave behind a less desired scarf cut can be detected.

Both sensor heads can be connected into a single HMI enclosure that can display the data from either the Post Weld or the Post-Scarf sensor head.

Xiris Automation Inc. specializes in developing optical equipment used for process and quality control across a number of specialty industries. With an extensive product line, Xiris provides some of the world’s most dynamic manufacturers with the ability to detect, recognize, and interpret quality defects in their manufactured goods.

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