Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation at Interwire 2017

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation is the largest reseller of high quality secondhand wire, cable, and optical fiber manufacturing equipment for wire drawing, stranding, bunching, cabling, braiding, extrusion and other cable making needs. Machines are offered as individual components to complete lines and can be delivered immediately from 8 USA locations or completely reconditioned by an in-house engineering team. 

Wire & Plastic Machinery has a comprehensive range of over 30,000 machines in stock for all aspects of non-ferrous wire and cable production. During Interwire 2017, Wire & Plastic Machinery will be showcasing pictures, video, and an interactive presentation of its inventory offering. We will also be presenting a virtual reality tour through our warehouses. Beverages and snacks will be available within the expansive 1800 square foot (167 square meters). An enclosed meeting room will be available for detailed private project discussions. Booth visitors will have access to web-enabled stations for a live product search with detailed specifications and pictures. Worldwide experienced personnel will be available to assist in selecting the most suitable equipment for your application and process.

Booth Personnel: Rick Narang, Rahul Sachdev, Greg Malcervelli, Rishi Narang, Eshan Narang, Denis Godin, Erik Macs


Corporate Headquarters
100 Franklin Street
Bristol, CT 06010 USA
Phone: +1 860.583.4646
Fax: +1 860.589.5707


Booth 1131