Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp – IWCS 2016

pourtier sz stranderWith over 30,000 items of machinery in stock and eight warehouses, Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. is the largest supplier of used wire and cable equipment in the world.

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. is actively engaged in purchasing high-quality used equipment for stock to offer its customers a one stop selection. The equipment is sold either in its original state or after mechanical and electrical refurbishing, to today’s standards. A wide range of equipment is available for producing almost all cable types such as fiber optic, low-voltage cables, data cable, automotive and specialized electrical cables. Categories include Barrel Packers, Binders, Bobbin Winders, Braiders, Capstans, Caterpullers, Coilers, Dancers, Extruders (Plastic and Rubber), Extrusion Lines, Granulators, Motors, Optical Fiber Equipment, Ovens, Payoffs, Preheaters, Printers, Reels, Rewinders, Rotating Equipment, Screws, Stripers, Strippers, Takeups, Tapers, Testers, Tubular Stranders, Welders and Wire Drawing.

Booth Personnel: Rick Narang, Rishi Narang, Greg Malcervelli, Erik Macs, Eshan Narang

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp

100 Franklin Street

Bristol, CT 06010 USA

Tel: 1-860-583-4646

email: info@wireandplastic.com

Booth Number: 319

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