Two years of HIGHVOLT Service Center in Brazil – a positive interim result

The planning of HIGHVOLT and LPEng has paid off: After two years, the HIGHVOLT Service Center in Sao Paulo has already earned a good reputation and can look back on first successes.

In January 2015, LPEng, the HIGHVOLT representation in Brazil, opened the first local HIGHVOLT Service Center worldwide. It is located at LPEng’s headquarters in Sao Paulo. Initially, the focus was on the Brazilian customers who were benefiting from an improved range of services.

“In the meantime, our Service Center has got established so well that its activities have been extended successfully across national borders,” explains HIGHVOLT’s sales engineer Dan Keller. “For example, the colleagues from Brazil have fully commissioned our new system for impulse voltage testing at ECUATRAN, one of the most important producers of transformers in Ecuador. Our customers are very satisfied. The technology works smoothly, the employees were trained professionally and they can rely on service staff being available on site quickly when required.”

HIGHVOLT and LPEng have been working together closely for 17 years. The managing directors of both companies are certain that the demand for high-quality consulting services when planning high voltage test laboratories is going to increase. The South American customers of HIGHVOLT can now take advantage of many of the services offered directly on site, including training, thus saving time and costs.

HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH

The medium-sized company based in Dresden is a member of the REINHAUSEN group. For customers on the world market, HIGHVOLT projects and manufactures high-voltage and high-current systems to test power transmission equipment, such as transformers, cables and switchgear. HIGHVOLT is a leading innovator in the field of high-voltage and high-current testing technology.

The company looks back over long traditions. Precursor Koch & Sterzel AG was already founded in 1904.

It was nationalized under the name Transformatoren- und Röntgenwerk (TuR) Dresden after the second world war, and later acquired by Siemens AG in 1991 subsequent to German Reunification. In 1995, the high-voltage testing division was hived off as HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH.

The company employs some 250 staff including 3 trainees. Roughly 60 per cent have a degree, and most are electrical engineers. Thirty per cent of staff are skilled workers or master craftsmen.

In 2008/2009, to keep up with growing demand, HIGHVOLT already invested 7.5 million Euros in building three new production halls and an office building. In 2013 this was followed by a new 9 million-euro production hall containing another 1,900 m² of space for assembly and pre-testing, plus a new drying oven with oil processing for transformer manufacturing. Further investment followed, for example in the staff car park and modernizations to the high-voltage testing hall.


HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH
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