Straightening with Tramev

Simple operations like cutting or straightening steel are needed every day in the world of steel mills, wire drawing and cold forming. However straightening wire can be simple but dangerous if the adequate security systems are not in place, Tramev’s straighteners have seven key advantages:

1) Selection of the right tool according to bending radius, diameter and type of steel.

2) The benefits of double-acting (allows you to modify the straightening accurately and quickly ensuring an excellent result).

3) Adjustable cam advantages (allows to calibrate the stroke of the straightening matrix, depending on the diameter of the steel wire to straighten).

4) Possibility to choose between battery and hydraulic models (greater power and piston stroke).

5) Working pressure 700 bar reduces the cylinder and piston dimensions by minimizing the weight of the tool.

6) Twin hose to 700 bar with protective sheath against rubbing.

7) The lifting hook, so you can use the tool suspended by a balancer.

Time saving also plays an important role in Tramev’s straighteners, who produce a full range of battery or hydraulic straighteners that allow the straightening of steel up to a diameter of 50mm.

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