Rautomead Limited at Interwire 2017


Continuous casting technology specialists, Rautomead Limited, will be exhibiting at Interwire 2017, being held in Atlanta, GA, USA, 8 – 11 May 2107, Booth no. 232.  The booth will be manned by Guy Henderson, Rautomead’s Sales Manager and Jay Taylor, Rautomead’s representative in USA.

Rautomead graphite furnace technology is particularly suited for production of high purity, high quality oxygen-free copper wire rods and copper alloy wire rods (copper silver, copper magnesium, copper tin) 3,000 – 30,000 TPA.  This technology produces the highest quality CuOF 8mm diameter wire rod. This high quality material benefits manufacturers of enamelled wire, LAN cables and fine wires.  The upward casting equipment may be used to manufacture rods of all diameters between 8.0mm and 30mm diameter and is suitable feedstock for wire drawing and continuous rotary extrusion processes.

End use applications include: superfine wire, automotive wires, contact wire and trolley wires for high speed trains, data communication cables, CTC and transformer strips as well as enamelled wires.

Rautomead’s Managing Director, Brian Frame, will also be presenting a paper at the technical symposium which runs alongside the Interwire trade exhibition.  This paper will highlight Rautomead’s recent R&D activities with respect to developing a casting capability for new high performance alloys, particularly focussed on automotive signal cabling, lightweighting and improved alloy tolerancing.  This has resulted in new product offerings from Rautomead specifically designed for these applications.

For more details contact: sales@rautomead.com