Rafter Upgrades McKay Tube Mill

1825485_origRafter Equipment Corporation has shipped a new RT-3000 “tube mill re-top” and drive train upgrade for a major North American automotive tube producer. The equipment will replace older McKay tube mill equipment that is worn, difficult to maintain, and has outlived its useful life. 

The McKay machine had integral roll stands and gearboxes (see below) making them difficult to maintain and upgrade the drive train. By switching to conventional universal-shaft driven roll stands, the drive traincan be tailored to the customer’s needs. In this case, the addition of a 4-speed transmission allows for both high-torque on the more difficult products and high-speed on the easier products. The customer’s existing mill drive system and motors will be utilized. 

808287_orig The company worked with the customer to insure compatibility with their existing mill base and HFI welding equipment. The new driven and idle side roll stands are mounted on sub-plates that will be permanently secured to the existing mill bases without the need to change the passline height of any of the ancillary equipment. These roll stands include many updated features to reduce and simplify maintenance. In addition, the roll stands will be more robust than the ones they replace.