PWM to demonstrate energy-efficient rod welding process at Interwire 2017

Interwire visitors looking for a fast, easy, cost-effective method of welding non-ferrous rod can see PWM’s best-selling EP500 rod welder in action on booth 1358 (Joe Snee Associates). Other PWM high-performance cold welding machines for wire sizes 0.10mm (.0039″) to 5.00mm (.197″) will also be on show, including the new CP180 portable model.

Like all PWM machines, the electro/pneumatic EP500 rod welder uses the proven multiple upset process to produce high-quality, reliable welds stronger than the parent material, improving productivity and reducing downtime.

Designed for copper rod 5mm to 12.50mm (.197″ to .492″) and aluminium rod to 15mm (.590″) the EP500 is extremely easy to operate, eliminating the need for operator training. The machine is also low maintenance and energy efficient. It can be pneumatically powered from either a central air supply system or a dedicated compressor. A single phase electrical supply is required only for the control system used to set the weld parameters.

The EP500 has no heavy sliding loads or fast-moving parts and requires minimum lubrication. For reliable service, maintenance is only required about every three or four years.

PWM’s full range of cold welding machines includes both manual and powered cold welders, for wire sizes 0.10mm (.0039″) to 30mm (1.181″). Video demonstrations of all the company’s machines can be viewed at