PROTON Products ProTHERMICTM PH300 Series Wire Preheater Eliminates Voids that Cause Pinholes, Spark Faults and Quality Rejects

PROTON Products, the global leader for wire and cable measurement and control instruments, continues to expand its product range with affordable, innovative technologies that provide its customers with solutions that improve production, quality and product safety.

PROTON’s latest ProTHERMIC wire preheater increases the insulation-to-wire adhesion and stripping characteristics to stop pinholes and bare patch faults, especially at high line speeds. By preheating the conductor, it eliminates any “thermal shock” between a cold (ambient temperature) wire and a relatively hot material flowing from the extruder while also driving off wire moisture. By preheating the conductor to the same temperature as the extruded insulation, it significantly improves the quality of the final product to ensure that the adhesion and electrical properties of the finished product are correct.

PROTON’s ProTHERMIC PH300 delivers high-frequency induction pre-heating to 200oC or greater with a high Electrical Energy Efficiency (EEE) power-to-wire transfer rate of 96% using the latest solid-state technology. It is designed for use on all types of wire including solid, copper-clad and aluminum up to 3mm diameter and stranded wires up to 3.2mm diameter. It employs a parabolic control algorithm to ensure optimal, accurate heating of the product at all line speeds and wire sizes.

The ProTHERMIC PH300 is housed in a rugged enclosure with a user-friendly, menu-based LCD interface. Finally, industry-standard communications interfaces are available for integration into the customers automation platforms.

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