PROTON Products Introduces its Latest InteliSENS® ST1525 Series Spark Tester

PROTON Products, the global leader for wire and cable measurement and control instruments, recently introduced its latest on-line InteliSENS ST1525 Series High-Frequency Wire Insulation Spark Tester for high-voltage integrity testing of insulated cables. The instrument is housed in a rugged stainless-steel enclosure to resist corrosive chemicals and harsh industrial environments and can be used on all insulated wire and cable types.

The InteliSENS ST1525 Series Spark Testers are UL 1581 compliant and suitable for spark testing on high-speed production lines running up to 3000m/min (test frequency dependent). The instrument employs a long 100mm bead chain electrode which operates at 15Kv that is capable of measuring wire or cable diameters up to 25mm. There is a load-dependent test frequency that operates a sine wave test frequency between 2.1-4.5kHz. The instrument is capable of distinguishing between pin holes and bare patch flaws and is designed for use with automotive, instrument, power and telecommunications cable applications.

PROTON’s InteliSENS ST 1525 Series Spark Testers are available with industry-standard communications interfaces. These include embedded Ethernet TCP/IP (Modbus), RS-232, and Proton CANBus communications. Optional interfaces include PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, Industrial Ethernet/IP, WiFi and Bluetooth which are available as a substitute for the Ethernet communications interface. Both the Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces provide wireless configuration and sensor monitoring to smart ‘phones, tablet PC’s and laptop PC’s. The DeviceNet interface offers connection to PLC’s and other process control instrumentation via an industry standard DeviceNet network. Alternatively, there’s the optional PROFIBUS or PROFINET and Ethernet I/P interfaces for connection to PLC’s and industry-standard networks.

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