Proton Products International to Launch the Mini Series of Laser Doppler Non-Contact Speed and Length gauges at Interwire 2017

Proton Products International, the global leader in Non-Contact Laser Doppler Speed and Length Measurement Technology, announces its new, smart, compact InteliSENS SL/SLR Mini Series sensors. These Laser Doppler speed sensors set new standards in accurate, reliable non-contact speed and length measurement of moving cable and wire products with unrivalled performance and price.

The InteliSENS SL/SLR mini-series sensors are designed to replace cumbersome, inaccurate, high-wear speed and length measurement devices used in the wire and cable industries. These conventional sensors are prone to excessive measurement errors due to slippage, vibration, wear and dirt accumulation; resulting in product give-away, production losses and non-conformance to specifications. The compact InteliSENS SL/SLR Mini Series has the smallest footprint on the market and provides a direct replacement for conventional encoders. The installation is simple and the sensors compact size can also permit speed and length measurements from parts of the process that were previously unobtainable.
The InteliSENS SL/SLR Mini Series sensors are solid-state devices with no moving parts for maintenance-free operation. Their non-contact measurement technique provides an industry-leading accuracy better than 0.05%, typically 0.02% with CE-MID certified versions available. They come standard with intelligent, easy-to-integrate capabilities that feature a broad range of embedded process interfaces. This includes Ethernet, RS-232 and WiFi communications as standard with optional PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DeviceNet, Industrial Protocol IP that can be substituted for the Ethernet communications interface.

The InteliSENS SL and SLR Mini Series sensors are suitable for numerous applications involving the measurement and control of speed and length to help deliver a multitude of benefits across the industries they serve. They offer considerable results for the wire and cable industries, with a typical return-on-investment within a few weeks.

Visit PROTON Products at Interwire, booth number 1530 to see a live demonstration of the new InteliSENS speed and length sensor.

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