Plasmait GmbH at Wire 2018

Plasmait is a supplier of heat and surface treatment machinery based on plasma technology for continuous and batch applications for the ferrous and non-ferrous metals wire, tube, strip, rope. In Düsseldorf Plasmait will present the following machinery:

PlasmaANNEALERHPA40 is a high output annealer for stainless steel, nickel and copper alloys. The machine is typically used for wire/tube sizes of 1-10mm OD. The 40kW annealer has an output of up to 170kg/h on austenitic stainless steels, 220kg/h on martensitic stainless steel and 300kg/h on copper materials. Higher output annealers are available on request.

PlasmaANNEALER – HPA10 is typically used for annealing of fine stainless steel wires (0,05-1mm) at speeds of up to 25m/s or in-line with rolling or drawing. Plasmait will present an integrated drawing/annealing solution for fine stainless steel wires together Schmidt Maschinenbau GmbH

PV Ribbon Line for high-speed rolling, annealing and chemical-free and flux-free tinning of super-soft PV ribbon at speeds of up to 210m/min.

Tinning Line for chemical-free and flux-free tin coating of copper or aluminium wire, tube or narrow strip.

PlasmaACT is used for lubricant adhesion on stainless steel and titanium alloy rods.

PlasmaPREPLATE is heat and surface treatment machine for heating, cleaning, deoxidation and surface activation for coating, hot dip and electroplating applications.

PlasmaCLEANER is a plasma surface treatment machine designed for pre-heating, surface cleaning, degreasing or deoxidation on ferrous and non-ferrous wires, tubes or strip.


  • Stainless steel nickel alloys
  • Resistance/heating alloys
  • Medical wires, tubes, strips, stranded wires and ropes
  • Fine wire for filters, mesh, knitting
  • Aerospace, electronics, oil and gas applications
  • Copper and copper alloys, superconductor
  • Plating, coating, enamelling and taping
  • Precious metals and jewellery and decorative
  • Titanium, tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum
  • Welding wires

Plasmait GmbH


PlasmaANNEALERs for ferrous and non-ferrous wire, tube, strip, strand and ropes