Niehoff at wire Russia 2017

Efficient automotive wire spooling technology

At wire Russia 2017 Maschinenfabrik Niehoff and Niehoff of Russia are showing a double spooler type SV 402 D. This spooler is part of the Niehoff Package System (NPS), a highly efficient, safe and economic handling system for automotive wires, and designed to operate in line with extrusion lines. The SV 402 D is foreseen for insulated wires with a cross section of 0.13 mm² copper alloy strands and 0.22 … 6.0 mm² Cu strands and can be operated at a maximum speed of 1800 m/min. In the spooler spools are changed at full line speed. The protected conical wire laying technology offers a secure, stable and tangle-free package on the NPS spools both when full or partially empty. Thus, NPS spools enable highest cable pay-off speeds into down-stream processes.

Niehoff in Russia

Niehoff’s experience in the Russian market started 30 years ago when Niehoff began to develop first connections with Russian cable manufacturers. Niehoff of Russia (NoR), Niehoff’s sales and service branch based in Moscow, was set up in 2005 and is responsible for Niehoff activities in the Russian Federation and former CIS countries. NoR’s four service engineers, all Russian native speakers, install Niehoff machines at customer sites, put the machinery into operation and provide after sales service.

Since 2008, Niehoff and NoR have been working closely together with the All-Russian Scientific Research and Development Cable Institute VNIIKP.

The Niehoff Group with nearly 800 employees worldwide is headquartered in Germany with five manufacturing subsidiaries (in Brazil, the US, the Czech Republic, India, and China) as well as sales and service centers in Japan, Singapore and Russia.

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