Niehoff at the wire South America 2017 trade fair

At the wire South America 2017 trade fair, Maschinenfabrik Niehoff and Niehoff-Herborn Máquinas Ltda. (NHM), its Brazilian subsidiary, will show an MMH 101 multiwire drawing machine for 8 wires. NHM and several sub-exhibitors will be exhibiting on a joint booth with WAFIOS (booth 502).

The NHM exhibit

The MMH 101 type multiwire drawing machine built by NHM under Niehoff license is designed for the simultaneous drawing of eight copper wires with an inlet tensile strength of 250 N/mm² and a maximum inlet diameter of 1.83 mm to a minimum finished diameter of 0.20 … 0.50 mm in 21 drafts. The machine can work with a maximum speed of 36 m/s and is operated by means of the standardized NMI (NIEHOFF Machine Interface), a network-compatible color touchscreen which features a clear task and user-oriented navigation structure and enables an easy intuitive operation.  

The MMH technology

Because of their modular design Niehoff’s MMH type multiwire drawing lines can be adapted to different customer requirements with great flexibility. Meanwhile, more than 1,500 MMH lines are working world-wide. The MMH range of multiwire drawing machines are designed for copper and aluminium wires. The wires drawn on MMH machines exceed the most demanding specifications and processing requirements in view of electrical conductivity, surface quality and mechanical properties and can be processed to multiwire bundles with outstanding characteristics.


At the NMH booth will also be present: Cold rolling mill manufacturer Bühler Redex, filtration systems manufacturer Reber Systematic, who will show a RESY KBF compact filter, wire welding machines manufacturer Strecker, who will show a welding machine for stranded conductors and perhaps also a cold-welding machine, and WiTechs, a manufacturer of mechanical descaling and grinding equipment.

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