New SimpliMet™ 4000 Mounting Press Shortens Cycle Times and Increases Reliability in the Preparation of Metallographic Samples

Buehler_2016-0097_SimpliMet4000_ImageSimpliMet™ 4000 is a new mounting press developed by Buehler – ITW Test & Measurement GmbH ( for speedy and reliable hot compression mounting of up to two metallographic samples at a time, measuring from 25 mm up to 50 mm in diameter, making it ideal for demanding industrial environments requiring a high sample throughput combined with outstanding mounting quality.

With its high throughput rate, SimpliMet 4000 enables an increased number of samples to be mounted after sectioning and made available “Just-In-Time” for the subsequent grinding and polishing stages, thereby avoiding bottlenecks at the mounting stage. The system has proven its suitability for continuous, long-term use in three-shift- operation in numerous harsh tests conducted by the manufacturer, including accelerated loading tests with up to 160 000 test cycles.

The achievable high throughput results from the system’s duplex functionality, allowing the concurrent mounting of two samples in a single working step, combined with optimized cycle times. One of the features contributing towards a reduction of cycle times is the SmartCool™ cooling system, which comes as standard, releasing the specimen as soon as a safe temperature has been reached, thereby optimizing both cooling time and water usage. Likewise, the integrated easy-to-use controller accelerates the workflow, by setting and storing temperature, pressure and time values, reducing the setup time before the fully automatic mounting process can be started. Pre-set parameter settings enable rapid change between thermoset and thermoplastic compounds without time-consuming reprogramming.

According to initial customer reports, cycle times can be cut in half compared to conventional systems.

The SimpliMet 4000 also offers a variety of ergonomic benefits. With a width of around 31 cm and a depth of just 66 cm it leaves enough space on the workbench for handling the higher sample volume, even in laboratories or production environments where space is at a premium. The single-handed closure mechanism engages quickly, and lets the operator
move right on to the next task.

Roland Prauss, European Commercial Director at Buehler ITW Test & Measurement GmbH, comments:

“With the introduction of SimpliMet 4000, Buehler is once more bridging the gap between the traditional testing laboratory and industrial quality control during production, meeting our customers’ growing need for systems capable of supplying highly accurate results in an increasingly fast-paced working environment. Combining high ease of operation with a durable design, high precision and a compact footprint, this new mounting press is tailored exactly to our customers’ requirements.“

Buehler ITW Test & Measurement offers a broad portfolio of products, ranging from sectioning and precision sectioning machines adapted to specific applications, mounting systems along with the associated epoxy and acrylic resins, grinding and polishing machines, image analysis solutions as well as a full range of hardness testing systems including Rockwell, Vickers/Knoop, Brinell and universal hardness testing systems with a variety of automation options.


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