Molecor© present at the AEDyR XI International Congress in Valencia

foto_congreso_aedyr_enThe Spanish Association of Desalation and Reuse (AEDrY), will celebrate on the 19th, 20th and 21th of October 2016 its International Congress in Valencia. Molecor Tecnología S.L, Spanish company specialised in the technology and manufacturing of Oriented PVC pipes (PVC-O) for under pressure water networks, will offer a speech within the technical session: Energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental protection.

The AEDyR XI International Congress will count on the presence of important national and international actors in the field of desalination and reuse.  A large number of professionals of the water sector are expected to attend the meeting, since it consists of the most important and influent event of desalination and reuse that will be celebrated in 2016, and it is an inescapable date for those people and companies involved in these sectors, both nationally and internationally.

The different technical sessions of important topics such as: innovation in desalination plants, treatment of sewage and drinking water and reuse, in addition to environmental ones such as energy efficiency and environmental protection, will be developed along these days.

On October 20th, the congress will be dedicated, among other topics, to energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmental protection, where Molecor will develop the Conference:

Oriented PVC (PVC-O). Sustainable pipelines for reuse networks, Environmental Footprint.

The environmental impact of a piping system depends on its composition and application, being the raw material used, the manufacturing process, the final product and its useful life, the facts that determine the efficiency and sustainability throughout all its life cycle. The Molecular Orientation endows to the TOM PVC-O pipes significant advantages in terms of quality of product, installation and use. Offering a product with a better behaviour regarding the respect for the environment, as it presents a lower environmental footprint compared to other materials, improving thereby, its contribution to a correct sustainable development of the planet and optimizing the natural resources consumption.

The goal of the IX International Congress is offering an international forum where experts will get in touch with the aim of presenting the latest innovations, researches and developments in these fields, encouraging dialogue, collaboration and the exchange of experiences, Technics and ideas among professionals of the water sector.

Likewise it will be useful as a forum of dialogue and international communication among the different collectives that operate in this important market in which Spain and the Spanish companies are worldwide leaders.

We will be grateful for counting on your presence


Palacio de Congresos de Valencia
Avda Cortes Valencianas, 60
46015 Valencia