Molecor© a finalist of the Inovyn Awards 2016

inovyn_awards_gr-enMolecor©, company specialised in the development of the  latest Molecular Orientation Technology applied to canalisation of water under pressure, is a finalist of the  Inovyn Awards 2016 celebrated yesterday in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Molecor© decided to present a candidature to this Award since it was conscious of its enormous contributions to the water sector  which substantially exceed the main goal of this important event; to demonstrate the great advantages and benefits that PVC-O offers both, to the industry and to society in general.

Molecor© has demonstrated in this summon that PVC-O is in the field of water under pressure pipes´, an optimal material and with a great trajectory ahead. These statements are due to its wide range of applications and to its easy use and installation.

The combination of both, its innovative technology, consisting on  an Air Based System, and the use of a material with great chemical properties  resulted in the appearance of the Molecor´s TOM® pipes.

Furthermore, we may highlight that as result of its unique and patented technology, Molecor is currently the only company in the world capable of manufacturing pipes up to DN800 mm.

In spite of having revolutionised already its sector with its continuous technological developments, the company´s desire of improvement has led  to develop the M-OR-P 5012 technology, which it will allow the manufacture of  the first PVC-O pipes of DN1200 mm.

Molecor© continues searching and innovating on the application of this material in the water under pressure pipelines sector with the aim of developing and promoting more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.


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