Magnetic Analysis Corp. – Booth 6I12

Magnetic Analysis Corp. will be featuring the Echomac® WLD ultrasonic weld line test system at its Booth I-12 in Hall 6 at Tube 2018 Dusseldorf.

With operating conveniences for inspecting tube weld zones on-line during continuous production, the system is designed to test for longitudinally oriented defects that are typical of the ERW welding process. These systems are typically four channels, using both CW and CCW sound modes to detect ID and OD longitudinal defects between 5% and 10% of wall thickness. Additional channels can be added, depending on the application.

The WLD system includes MAC’s Echomac® instrumentation, and a test head incorporating transducer assemblies with irrigated shoes for constant coupling with the tube being tested.  Individual adjustment of each transducer to achieve the optimal position for CW and CCW direction is available. In addition a coupling alarm alerts the operator to any loss of coupling between a transducer and the tube, because of loss of water or improper alignment. Another convenience during operation is that individual irrigated transducer shoes can be easily exchanged to accommodate tube size changes in 5 seconds using MAC’s new quick disconnect mechanisms.

The WLD test head is supported by a strong gantry that allows operating on the weld line for mill testing, or off line for easy calibration for a new tube size. A precision roller assembly is located in the off-line position to allow for easy calibration of the transducers. Once the calibration is achieved, the test head is simply moved back to the on-line position for production line testing.  The remote operator station contains essential controls, including remote weld following.

MAC’s Booth at Tube 2018 will also feature other instruments and systems, including the Echomac® FD-6A instrument which holds GE Qualification for P3TF31 and P29TF82 Class A and B, typically required to meet high level quality standards for aerospace and other critical applications. MAC has recently supplied an Echomac® FD-6A for inspecting titanium tube for nuclear applications.  Echomac® is compatible with rotary, immersion, bubbler or squirter and “spin the tube” type applications.  The Echomac® series is being used for a variety of applications ranging from full body testing of spinning tube and weld zone inspection during production, to 500mm Ultrasonic/Flux Leakage multi test systems for large diameter OCTG pipe.