Gauder Group at Wire 2018



POURTIER, a member of the Gauder Group develops and produces heavy-duty rotating machines to produce all types of power and control cables.

With more than 700 Drum Twister and 120 Rigid stranding and Planetary lines commissioned all over the world, Pourtier remains the leader for machines for Low and Medium voltage up to High and Extra-high Voltage Power Cable.

Always in touch with its customer’s needs, Pourtier still develops equipment for overhead conductors (including ACCC™ , ACSS-TW and ACSR-TW with trapezoidal wires) as well as underground HV & EHV cable AC type (high quality Milliken conductor) or submarine cable DC type (extra large conductor either compacted or made of Trap wire).

POURTIER is also focused on tailored design/made equipment used in submarine, umbilical cables and oil & gas application.  On the booth, you will discover the “jumbo reel – 1000 mm” planetary machine designed for steel wire armouring of long length power submarine cable

POURTIER and its sister company SETIC, also provide the complete range of Single twist machines from 630 mm to 2500 mm. A 1250 mm single twist will be exhibited illustrating the versatility (control, instrumentation, data, battery… cable) and flexibility (laying-up, stranding, wire armouring process) of these solutions.

On the booth: One 1000 mm cradle for Planetary strander & 1250 mm Single twist machine.




SETIC a member of the Gauder Group designs, manufactures and supplies high quality double twist bunchers / stranders for Low Voltage conductors and cables, automotive industry as well as complete solutions to produce special / LAN cables with enhanced performances (in one step or two steps according to product mix).


Leader in Data and Special cable manufacturing solutions, Setic will exhibit one complete 800 mm pairing/ Quadding line with Two High Speed Double Positions Backtwist Pay-off.

Since the last wire show, Setic has successfully developed, designed, delivered and commissioned several 2000 mm double twist lines, offering to its customers high performances compared to the same category of equipment (wide range of productions by using the machine stand alone or together with an additional external capstan). Illustrating this success story, Setic will exhibit on the show one 1000 mm Rotating pulling capstan with a pulling force of 6 tons for stranding of 61 wires (Cu/Al).

SETIC and its sister company Pourtier, also provide the complete range of Single twist machines from 630 mm to 2500 mm. A 1250 mm single twist will be exhibited illustrating the versatility (control, instrumentation, data, battery… cable) and flexibility (laying-up, stranding, wire armouring process) of these solutions.

On the booth: Backtwist Pairing / Quadding 800 mm / AST1250 High speed Single twist assembling machine / CRT1000-6T Rotating pulling capstan 1000mm 6 tons pulling force for 61 wires.




Now 8 years, DALOO, part of the rotating machines division of the Gauder Group, is representing the Medium Cost solution for all cable producers who are looking for a solution with Basic functions with affordable prices, simple design for keeping efficiency, and steady quality control all along the manufacturing process.


Its complete stranding lines and accessories for the production of power and communication cables are delivered worldwide throughout a complete range of machines such as rigid cage stranders, taping lines, rewinding lines, take-ups and pay-offs, pulling caterpillars.

The designs as well as the manufacturing in its new facility (still in Changzhou) are based on European experience (proven Gauder Group methods) following strict quality criteria.

On the booth: All our team presenting DALOO activities and available for you during the show !



GAUDER Group Belgium, on which the Gauder Group was founded, is at the head of the largest stock of machines for the wire and cable industry in Europe. “Creating solutions together”, the company is the ideal partner to set up “ready to manufacture processes” from its 1000+ machinery warehouse (drawing, stranding / cabling, screening / taping / armouring, wire coating, extruding, coiling / rewinding, …) for the production of wires, conductors, cables, ropes or steel products.

Gauder Group Belgium provides professional and economical solutions to its customers for complete plant reselling (Dismantling / Complete cleaning and derusting / Painting / Assembling / Adding of new accessories).

Last but not least, the company markets new MAPRÉ extruders ranging 38 – 150 mm available with accessories.

A free shuttle service is organized daily from the booth, upon request, to discover the stock of equipment displayed in 20,000 sqm warehouses as well as the workshop in activity. Visitors may browse the on-line stock at to prepare their visit.

On the booth: All our team presenting GAUDER Group Belgium activities and available for you during the show !

C2S Service & Bows
by Gauder Group



C2S division of the Gauder Group takes care of all wire & cable production lines, whatever the brand of the rotating equipment. Rich of a long and successful experience, C2S has recently absorbed BOW TECHNOLOGY, and enlarged its range with high tech bows and components.


70,000 spare parts references are distributed worldwide through 4 logistic platforms. Our customers benefit of our integrator’s prices.


A team of 55+ technicians is continuously trained to manage troubleshooting and urgent repairs, and the division also offers dedicated services such as periodical visit contracts, transfer and restart operations, training and consulting.


C2S is being assigned upgrading projects on all brands Wire and Cable equipment, also for special and customized projects (mechanical / electrical interventions, or process improvements with know-how transfer).


C2S is the right partner for everyone concerned by a higher level of performances and extended lifetime of double twist equipment. A wide range of state of the art bows is available for different kinds of productions: pairing/quadding of insulated cables, automotive or special bare copper conductors, and copper/aluminium cords. Without forgetting the exclusive and patented GreenBow2+ that enables high energy savings for bunchers, and simplifies a lot maintenance operations!

Where can you find us ? C2S is located on the Gauder Goup booth.

On the booth: A wide range of all sizes bows – including the “GreenBow2+” – for all brands

All our team presenting C2S activities and available for you during the show !

BOOTH 10E40 – HALL 10