EROCARB SA – Booth 10C60

Provider of crossheads and tooling for polymer extrusion for wire/cable/pipe and tube industries for more than 30 years. The company is located in Giez, Switzerland and delivers products all over the world.

Erocarb merge high precision manufacturing with technical know-how in polymer extrusion. In 2017, two new CNC 5 axis milling machines were added to the machine shop and the result is a rise of production and an improvement on precision.

Erocarb delivers crossheads intended for products with flat, round or even various geometric shapes. Extrusion lines for insulation, sheathing/jacketing, filling-sheathing, triple layer on CV line are implementing Erocarb crossheads with great results. Erocarb also produces crossheads for flat ribbon, insulation, medical and irrigation tube.

The short conical crossheads, typical from Erocarb, achieves a high concentricity in fixed-centring or with the fine -tuning device drives the success. Larger models use fix and manual centring.

The distributors are defined for the specific polymers to be used: PE, PVC, TPU, HFFR, EPDM …

Many Hastelloy® crossheads are also manufactured for extrusion of fluoropolymer. In this case additional heaters are implemented in order to guarantee proper temperature level for FEP, PFA, ETFE …

Beside standard crossheads, Erocarb also sells tailor made solutions designed by internal engineers. In any case, the projects are submitted to customers before any manufacturing process. 3D views and models allow the review of solutions at an early stage of the project and saves time during assembling process.

Complementary to the crosshead series, the maintenance modules ETEL save time and reduce wear: Cleaning process and exchange of tooling will be done easily and safe.

Either with standard or specific devices, Erocarb is focused on customer’s needs.

Precision and traceability allow Erocarb to deliver spare parts for genuine extrusion equipment delivered over 20 years ago!

First at Wire 2018:

  • New version of crossheads E2, E4 and E14 family with reduced front head length in order to ease access to the front die face.
  • New tiny E2 crosshead with skin and stripe(s) for high speed production
  • New versatile E4 crosshead for skin-foam-skin and stripe(s) for high speed production

Erocarb SA – Switzerland
Hall 10 / Booth C60