Efficient, High Precision ODAC 14XY Laser Gauges from ZUMBACH offer the Latest Diameter Measurement Devices in its market

ODAC-GroupModern dual axis measuring head from the ODAC® laser measuring unit series. Highest accuracy, robustness, reliability and functionality distinguish all the laser measuring heads from ZUMBACH.

Thanks to the compact design, the ODAC® 14XY measuring heads can be used in virtually every manufacturing process in the wire and cable industry, the plastics and rubber industry as well as the steel and metal industry. Known for precision, quality and ease of use the laser measuring heads from ZUMBACH are among the best of their class.

The technological basis considered for these measuring heads is always of the latest  cutting edge technology, with laser diodes as light sources combined with intelligent and powerful measured-value processors which facilitate a simple and flexible integration. Our long-standing experience as a pioneer of in-line measuring technology, combined with high production figures result in a product with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Amongst the outstanding features are features such as single scan calibration (CSS), single scan monitoring and high data rate output of up to 125* data packages per second. The measuring heads can be used with all line speeds. Vibrations during production have no noticeable influence on measurements.

Specially suited for fine and extra fine wires, enamelled wires, cables, steel cords, fibres, medical tubing, extruded plastic or rubber products.

The ODAC 14XY models are available for 2 measuring ranges:

  • Micro version from ø 0.015 up to 3mm (.0006 up to .12 in.). Thanks to the use of a special laser, these versions can measure smallest diameters within the micrometer range.
  • Standard version from ø 0.06  up to 16mm (.0024 up to .64 in.)

Adaptive signal processing in the measuring units increase accuracy

All the measuring heads of the ODAC® series have adaptive signal processing (patent DE3111356), which makes subsequent regular re-calibrations superfluous. Only in instances of component exchange or compliance to calibration regulations ISO 9000/9001 etc would re-calibration be required.

All the relevant parameters for accuracy are continuously monitored by the measuring system and automatically compensated. This is valid in particular also for possible long-term changes of the behaviour of the scanner motor or the measuring electronics.

Flexible communication integration:

  • Serial RS-232 /-422 /-485
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Profibus DP
  • Profinet IO V2.3
  • J/J-M (digital, for connection to ZUMBACH USYS processors)

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