DESMA gets Industry 4.0 rolling

symmedia PM DESMA Roadshow_Colani-Truck15 countries, 16,500 km and 150 customers: By October 2016, the injection molding machine manufacturer Klöckner DESMA Elastomertechnik with a 40-ton Colani truck is on a large Industry 4.0 Roadshow to present the issues of networking and digitalisation to its customers locally.

The highlight of the European tour is the Industry 4.0 application of the company based on symmedia SP/1. Only at the end of 2015, the machine manufacturer decided to implement the complete service platform of symmedia – already scarcely three months later, the software is ready for use. Based on the symmedia tools Remote Service, Monitoring, Parts and Maintenance, DESMA has developed its own family of products with a total of 14 solutions for service, maintenance and repair as well as for trend data acquisition. Thus DESMA is setting new standards in Industry 4.0 and in the commercialization of service products in machine and plant engineering.

“DESMA is the perfect example of how simply medium-sized companies can use the issue of Industry 4.0 for their own businesses and can implement it purposeful in their companies,” says Peter Barkowsky, CEO of symmedia. “DESMA does not write lengthy plans, which could be industry 4.0. You make it, pass it on immediately to the customer and learn from the feedback.”

symmedia PM DESMA Roadshow_RoadmapFor the manufacturer of production machines for technical rubber and silicone molded articles is convinced of the importance of Industry 4.0:

“The fourth industrial revolution causes great upheavals in the market. Therefore, we have made it our task to consider more carefully the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cyber Physical Devices and intelligent production. Always aligned with the needs of our customers, we constantly develop new solutions. This considerably enhances the long-term value and retains competitiveness,” says Martin Schürmann, CEO of DESMA.

By integrating symmedia SP/1 in all machines DESMA customers in the future will benefit from a significant increase in plant and equipment availability, from transparent and structured communication and improved production processes. DESMA in future will design all service processes “smartly” and will market the symmedia Tools Remote Service, Maintenance, Parts and Monitoring under the name SmartConnect4.U.

symmedia PM DESMA Roadshow_InnenausstattungIndustry 4.0 roadshow across Europe

To make Industry 4.0 palpable, DESMA is taking the issue directly to the front door of its clients. Until October a specially designed 40-ton truck in the futuristic Colani Design is touring throughout Europe as part of the “DESMA Inspiration Tour”. Stops are planned in 15 countries with more than 150 customers – 16,500 km will be covered.

Using various practical scenarios the machine manufacturer shows in the truck the easy integration of service solutions into existing processes and provides examples of how faults in a machine are corrected digitally or the identification of spare parts is made possible directly on the system. Also present are the service app symmedia SP/1 Plant and the symmedia OEE app with which machine and production data are prepared catering for management and which can be visualised. In the holistic service solution with extensive service platform other applications such as ERP or CRM systems also can be included. The simple installation process and the use of machine WLAN concepts is ensured by the symmedia Plug & Work Box Industrial.

Those interested can test the solutions in the truck:

  • from 17th to 20th May 2016 at In Plastpol in Kielce (PL), Open air Hall E
  • from 19th to 26th Oct. 2016 at the K-Fair in Dusseldorf, Open air Hall 16

The entire Roadmap can be found at

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