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The “NIEHOFF Magazine” 1/2017 is out now

The latest issue of the ”NIEHOFF Magazine“, customer journal of the Niehoff Group, is available now. The magazine relates to the trade fairs Interwire 2017 and wire Russia 2017. Under the title “Cutting edge technology, superior service & support“ the exhibits shown at Interwire 2017 by Maschinenfabrik Niehoff and its subsidiary Niehoff Endex North America, Inc. (NENA) are described along with technical data: An MMH 121 + RM 201 multiwire drawing line, an MSM 85 rod breakdown machine and a D 801 type double-twist bunching machine. Also the Niehoff Original+ After Sales service range is introduced.

At wire Russia 2017 trade fair Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF and its sales and service subsidiary Niehoff of  Russia (NoR) are displaying a double spooler type SV 402 D, also described in the magazine.

Two articles analyze the outlook for the wire and cable industry on the North American and Russian markets while the main article of this magazine issue deals with conductors made from aluminum materials and their application for energy transmission in overhead conductors, automotive wires and installation cables.

Additionally, readers get some information about current further developments of Niehoff technology such as a completely new spool type NPS 400/400 PP and current-regulated corrective anodes for the WPT galvanic wire plating lines. The new spool type raises the profitability of the Niehoff Package System NPS.

The corrective anodes keep the tin content of the electrolyte constant, resulting in several economic advantages for the users.

In this issue of the NIEHOFF Magazine also two companies and their business strategies are introduced: Lake Cable LLC, USA, a family-owned company which manufactures low voltage cables for different applications, and LLC Prettl-NK, Russia, an automotive wire and harness manufacturer.

Some news complete the range of information. Niehoff will participate in the next CRU Wire & Cable Conference, which will take place in Munich, Germany, in July. It will include over 30 presentations and a visit to the Niehoff headquarters in Schwabach.

Biannually the NIEHOFF Magazine informs its readers about company news and developments, trade shows and events and other interesting topics. The magazine, published in English and German with some of the articles and summaries in Chinese and Russian, can be obtained from the Niehoff headquarters in Germany or all Niehoff subsidiaries and service offices worldwide. It is also available at the Niehoff website:

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