‘ASCON’ Continuous Rotary Extrusion Technology – further success is proof positive

ASMAG GmbH is pleased to announce that it will deliver another ASCON CRE line for the production of large copper busbars within 2017 to a market leading copper producer.  The team at ASMAG has been continuously developing ‘ASCON’ to remain the world leader in the field of copper CRE technology, further expanding capacity, productivity, size and operator capabilities. After months of development work with the customer, a new contract was signed for the delivery of an ASCON-5 CRE line.  This will allow the customer to further expand its’ already market leading offering, and will be a key component in its’ growth strategy. The new contract provides further proof that ASMAG is the world leader in CRE and drawing technologies, as the only provider to deliver equipment for large copper busbar in recent years. This recent project is one of many that ASMAG is currently working on with market leaders in their respective fields and further announcements are expected in the coming months. ASCON CRE technology development is an ongoing process that is key to keeping ASMAG at the forefront of CRE technology globally.

The ASCON range of CRE equipment has been developed with a design emphasis on high quality, precision engineered equipment using in-house manufacturing capability, encompassing excellent user experience to ensure that the equipment is both easy to operate and maintain.

ASMAG offers a range of standard CRE machine specifications in its ASCON range, all of which meet relevant international standards and can be bespoke designed to meet customer defined application requirements. Contrary to the general trend, full design, manufacture, assembly and pre-shipment testing is undertaken at the company’s purpose built facilities at its headquarters in Scharnstein, Austria.

ASMAG has been supplying customers for decades in the international steel and non-ferrous metal industry with metallurgical processing equipment for tubes, bars and profiles. The ASMAG team comprises highly qualified process specialists and engineering technicians with skills in all aspects of design, manufacture and installation of ferrous and non-ferrous processing equipment.

ASCON CRE equipment is utilised in the wire, cable, tube and busbar markets.

Contact: ASMAG GmbH, sales@asmag.at, www.asmag.at

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